Jeff Lynne does not endorse SPAM

When people do jokes about how SPAM seems directly targeted to them it’s normally because they have a small penis. Let me share you a much odder form –  that I’ve being reliving at the rate of two or three a day to my various email addresses.

May I gain your permission to send you some details on the upcoming British “ELO’s Great Hits” concerts of the Former ELEC. LIGHT ORCHESTRA and E.L.O. PT Two Classic Members, now referred to as THE ORCHESTRA? I would be grateful if you would visit to agree. These shows start on the 4th of March and you can review the schedule on the website to determine if you would like further details.

Thanks so much,
Permission Requests

Now that’s direct marketing SPAM, who else do you know that would be interested (no enough to actually go, but interested) in the touring plans of a bunch of people that may have been in a band with Jeff Lynne at some point? And not even good people that have been in a band with Jeff Lynne (Dylan, George Harrision, Tom Petty, Bev Bevan…).

The Orchestra - Not Affiliated with Jeff Lynne

Oh, and it looks like they’re playing at the Alex in March if you care.