Capital by capitailisation

London has been LONDON for some time now – because it’s always ON, you see (can’t think of anything worse) and now ‘the magic city’ (Birmingham, Alabama)


has become BIRMINGHAM for marketing purposes (because it’s IN – fashionable I suppose). So what can we do?

How about:


Because of our overacting actors, our love of pork products, or our amateur radio enthusiasts?


Because of our ‘being something your mum would buy for you to wear’ – according to the other half “birmo” (bermo?) is a North-Walesian insult meaning just that.


Because of our love of Bernard Ingham?

Or, <snaps, fingers then does the ‘give us a clue’ nose point>


How about we promote a certain type of goatee?

Not easy this branding malarky.

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