The writing is on the wall*

*obvious headlines dept. This isĀ  c’n’p-ed from Cllr Mullaney’s posting to the Moseley Yahoo group:

” An event has been organised, where Birmingham’s graffiti artists will explain the difference between graffiti art and graffiti tagging, and how they as artist can help reduce the level of nuisance graffiti tagging.

Graffiti – is it Art or Vandalism? Event – Thursday 31st January 7pm 9pm.

Venue: Moseley CDT, 149-153 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP (entrance to the side of Moseley Post Office)

Residents complain about graffiti blighting their neighbourhood, but if we want to tackle this issue we need to understand the modern origins of graffiti, why teenagers graffiti tag, and how we can harness that energy and creativity and move it into something more positive and legal, namely graffiti art.

This event will explain the modern origins of graffiti from the New York hip-hop scene (including the first recorded graffiti tagger Taki 183). It will explain the difference between tagging/vandalism and the legal side of graffiti art.

This will be an opportunity to meet and talk to Birmingham based graffiti artists (both teenagers and older) who want to help reduce the level of tagging by providing ‘managed’ legal graffiti art zones. This will explain what a ‘managed’ graffiti art zone is, in contrast to an ‘unmanaged’ zones.

There will be two presentations:

a) by Birmingham based spiritual-graffiti artist Mohammed Ali ( see )- he is internationally renowned and fuses Islamic script with Urban graffiti art. Video film of his Arts and Islam USA Tour can be seen at

b) By artists from InACity Arts (Hoakser, Minkz and Mekz) – this is Birmingham’s first dedicated graffiti gallery. Hoakser in particular is held in high esteen amongst Birmingham’s graffiti art community.

Councillor Mullaney is Chairing this meeting. He will be presenting the findings of a Scrutiny Review into tackling nuisance graffiti in Birmingham to the City Council on Tuesday 5th February. The report will be made public on Tuesday 29th January. One of the recommendations in the report is controversial, since it recommends investigating the setting up of ‘managed’ legal graffiti zones. This meeting will describe what this is, how their creation could help reduce graffiti tagging long term and move teenagers into the legal side of graffiti art.

Event has been organised by Cllr Martin Mullaney, InACity Arts and AerosolArabic”

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  1. 23 January 2008 at 10:18 am

    It is unfortunate that I am not going to be able to make this, it would be interesting to hear from the artists. I am a big follower of everything hip-hop and I know that there are some legitimate graf artists out there who are passionate about their expression rather than blighting cityscapes with tagging (effectively like a dog marking it’s territory). Very pleased to hear the community are taking a much more lateral thinking way of dealing with this problem.

  2. 14 March 2009 at 11:10 am

    Graffiti can be in many different forms,
    and none of them should be more important or valid than others,
    to make a good graffiti piece you have to make tons of bad ones before, tagging included as its the begginning for everyone wether people like it or not,
    those bad ones wont be considered art by the public, but potentially they will.

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