People take pictures of each other, and other stuff

The Big Picture - BE IN IT

Launching this week is a West Midlands-wide* project to collect as many photos together of Midlands life in 2008 as possible – The Big Picture.

It’s based round a huge Flickr-ised gallery and apart from those of taste and decency (oh and permissions and copyright, the usual photos stuff) there aren’t any restrictions on what photos can be added. Doesn’t need to be arty, doesn’t need to be the best photo in the world – it’s photo democracy in action.

It launches today, so go and have a look for yourself, you can log in to the site with a Flickr account and just add the images you want. If you haven’t got (or don’t want to get) a Flickr account there are other options too.
There are a series of launch events around the region – ending in Brum, up Hurst St, on Friday afternoon, full details on the site – do drop by and say hello if you’re around.

*The West Midlands in this case includes Stoke, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Hereford and Worcester, Coventry and Warwickshire as well as the more traditional Birmingham and The Black Country.

Disclaimer: I’m working on this project, but rest assured I wouldn’t put it on BiNS if I didn’t think it was great (of course I don’t think I would work on it if I didn’t think it was good). Btw this is one of my first forays into the world of the freelance web/social media consultant – I am available for hire more info on my own site.

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