Don’t Close Me Down

The Little Nibble

I always feel a little sorry for Bearwood (despite its European-style-cafe-bar), it sits a little uneasily between the Black Country and Birmingham, and I definitely feel sorry for Dexy’s Midnight Runners – who seem to slip down the cracks of music history despite being one of the most wonderfully constructed bands ever.

Two reasons then, to mourn the closing of ‘The Little Nibble’ – the café on Bearwood High St – which is given a , ahem, ‘shout out’ in “This is What She’s Like” from Don’t Stand Me Down (the name-check even more wonderful when you consider the band were all Wall Street in look by that time).

Independent cafés are being squeezed out by development and chains across the country, but it will be a shame if it is replaced by “mobile ‘phone shop, Poundland or ‘Amusement’ Arcade.”

Photo snaffled from The Hearing Aid, where we first heard the sad news.

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  1. wayneukuk
    18 March 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Nobody is more miffed than I, as it was my wife and I who were turfed out from this establishment!! We have had this place since May 2002 and only yesterday (Sunday 16th March 08) was completely out of it by way of removing all my kit under the watchful eye of a bailiff (whom we will probably end up paying double time for at some stage no doubt!!). Thanks to my nice new ex-landlord and my solicitor dropping a bollock (and me being a bit behind with the rent at some stage) we are now Nibbleless!! Y

    es my wife and I took this place on a few years ago and spent a few bob on it, from ripping up the sticky, cake and tea saturated carpets to kitting out the near-to being closed down by the HSE kitchen. But as you mentioned previously re the closing of the post office did not help our business, along with other shops which rely on passing trade. Donkey’s years ago pre supermarkets items were purchased at individual bespoke shops selling books , meat , clothes etc… On the opening of a supermarket these individual shops either had to become specialised and sell something not sold in supermarkets or go bust. Not averse to supermarkets myself having grown-up during this era I have no problem with this to a point, but what did get up my hooter was the closing of this particular supermarket. Once the town had adapted itself to feed from the crumbs from Safeways table, the surrounding businesses became reliant on the supermarket’s one-stop-shop, in-house post office and ample free parking to attract folks to the area and hope they wander into their little edifice and purchase some ’local things for local people’, ‘special meat’ and the such like. When the supermarket closed and Royal Mail whom must have decided that a post office brimming with coffin dodgers, dole-ites and the odd loon comparing envelope prices was not worth relocating anywhere on the high street leaving a vacuum of amenities behind.

    Suddenly there is no reason for people to go to this town anymore. Semi-lazy people like I don’t have the time or energy to wander up and down a High Street clutching a screwed up bit of paper in hand and most probably getting pissed-down upon by rain and who will most probably return to their car to find that the Parking Warden has left an expensive love letter behind your windscreen wiper. Compelled with the fact that Cape Hill (shit-hole) has be ‘regenerated’ and incorporates, you guessed it… a supermarket, with ample free parking and all that jazz, Bearwood has become a relative ghost town. Am I sounding bitter…? Well good because I am! Despite all of the above for some reason little coffee shops and cafes still keep appearing trying to take a portion of what little trade there is left and to add insult to injury my new ex-landlord (tosser!) tried to increase our rent by 90%!!!, are these greedy bastards for real? If I’m honest I’m glad out of it. It was always a pain in the arse but it was, and always will have been my first business. As for the musical link it was the ‘little nibble’ mentioned in the song.

    A few years back a show presented by Noddy Holder called ‘Rock Legends’ or something like that asked if they could film an interview past members of Dexy’s in our front window. I saw it on TV a few months later and instead of listening to what Mr Dexy was saying I was watching some old biddy in the background drowning her bacon sandwich with ketchup. Anyway it’s now 7:00pm and I’m still at work goodbye Little Nibble and good riddance! If you are my new ex-landlord reading this, Burn!!!

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