Birmingham 2026

It’s not a distopian sci-fi flick, it’s a long-term community strategy shaping Birmingham’s future“. The consultation process was started in December and lasts until the 1st of March this year, and they want your views.

The quickest way to have your say is an online survey on the confusingly named Be Birmingham* website. The idea (stop me if I’m wrong please) being to pick which if the statements Birmingham should strive to become “one of the best big cities for”. That bit I get, the bit about picking what your family and friends think I kind of get – picking what Birmingham thinks Birmingham should strive for frankly throws me.

Anyhoo, go, give of your views.

*Be Birmingham, it turns out, is the new name for what was the Birmingham Strategic Partnership – which is a group of organisations – from the private, public, community, voluntary and faith sectors – who try to work together to improve Brum.

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