Vote Black Country – it’s not often I say that

The Cut, they has it - vote for the Black Country
If you’re still awake and watching ITV at 11 tonight (Thurs, just turn over after the Mighty Boosh) you’ll be able to see the lovely Toyah expanding on the reasons why you should vote for the Black Country as an Urban Park to win the People’s £50 million lottery grant.

You might have seen our ‘vote’ badge down on the right (go grab one for your blog or myspace – or try this Facebook application).

Here at BiNS we’ve thrown our support behind the Black Country’s campaign – as it will change the opportunities and quality of life for around half a million people, and is the only bid that will directly work at community level. All the projects have merit, but this is the one that will simply not happen otherwise – and as it happens to be on our doorstep there’s a little bit of selfishness there too.

The Birmingham Mail have tried to push a disingenuous Black Country vs Birmingham angle (a tiny bit of the Sustrans money would be spent in Sutton) – to what end I’m not sure (selling papers obviously, but…).

Anyway you can vote now, online, for free – or if you want to keep voting multiply you can try the phone number (which will be announced tomorrow) over the weekend.

As a disclaimer, I don’t like the idea that such important work should be hijacked for publicity purposes (or left to chance by phone vote) .

Nick over has Podnosh has been looking at who in the Midlands blogging world has come out on either side.