It aint what you spend

The financially obsessed, economically right-wing, Taxpayers Alliance have released a table of councils publicity spends (based on Freedom of Information Requests) and it doesn’t surprise to see Birmingham at the top (it is the largest local authority in the country after all).  It shouldn’t be surprising, so I found the beeb’s take on the story a little light to say the least. It shouldn’t be hard to combine these figures with census datato find (roughly) the amount spent per head – a useful comparison but not a headline grabbing story.

For the record Birmingham’s spend works out at £14 per head per year, Liverpool’s is £21, Manchester’s £13 and Leeds’ £6 – not that much when you compare them for example with the cost of placing a classified ad  in the Evening Mail.

Of course, rather than getting het up about how much is spent – it’s much better to think about how it’s spent, and so, would a Creative Director help in that regard?