Cozy Powell in the Billiard Room, with the cowbell

Led Zep in Sutton

The whole world has gone Led Zep crazy at the moment – and some bright spark has put together a google maps ‘Led Zeppelin Landmarks’ thing – which includes a few in Brum-or-thereabouts.

My personal favourite is this one:

This house in Sutton Coldfield, was the very centre of the 60s and 70s Midlands rock scene. Its inhabitants were Frank Aiello, Dave and Dennis Ball and Cozy Powell. Members of Black Sabbath and the Move would reguarly drop by looking for musicians to jam with, and Robert Plant would often come over in John Bonhams Jaguar just looking for a chat.  “We used to jam in the billiards room of the house in Rectory Road, all fighting for space”.

Cup-a-soup anyone? Smashing.

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