Igbeth – these are a few of our favourite things

Promise we’ll shut up about Gigbeth soon, but this post is all about the positive – inspired by Misty’s’ Sound of Music-esque number, here are some of our favourtie things about the festival:

  • The man with the unwarranted acieed smiley mask behind Deluka.
  • Beestung Lips – are they even better without a singer?
  • Bass-players where all the dancing is with the bottom.
  • The effort that went into Project X. Especially the Boosh-y touches.
  • Being just drunk enough to pose with the Custard Factory’s penguin bins.
  • Free glowsticks – at least Jules thought they were free, so if she pinched them – sorry.
  • Worrying how Fiori were going to drive their white Vauxhaul Astra estate home in their cowboy boots – I’m sure the driver must of changed into some carpet slippers.
  • Waving to the people watching Thursday’s gig from the windows of South Birmingham College.
  • The sheer good vibes.

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