I make love to a BBC Micro

Tumblr is what the geek world calls a ‘microblogging’ platform– which kind of means that it tries to make it easy for you to blog (well, share internet stuff anyway). What you do is sign up for a (free) account and drag a link to the bookmarks bar of your browser – and then when you fins something you want other people to see you click and it adds it to you tumblog. It even tries to guess what you’re interested in on the page (photo, video etc) so you only have to share that.

What this has got to do with youse is that:

a) it’s a very cool and easy way to get into blogging if you so fancy

b) it might stop people emailing each other videos and huge powerpoint documents filled with pictures (nah!) but:

c) The new system allows ‘channels’ which are places more than one person can post to – and we’ve got one.

So what I thought is that anyone can join the channel and post BiNSy things, so other people can see them – and we can see them too (in case we what to do more stuff about them). So, if you want to be in our gang, join tumbr and send us an email with your login email address and we’ll add you to the channel.