Pop so many pills you’ll think pink ghosts are after you

Real Life PacMan

Another, and frankly pant-wettingly exciting to us geeks, special event as part of the Plus Design Festival is the real-life Pac-Man maze.

According to spong.com:

“Pac-Man Plus gives you a host of amazing options. Maybe you want to be a ghost, and chase down the hero and make him eat his own head with a wibbly blip. Maybe you want to be Pac-Man, and feel the terror of having your destiny in a player’s hands. You can’t move on your own, Player 1 will tell you where to go. Pac-Man doesn’t think, he just does.”

A player dressed as Pac-Man will enter the five by six metre maze where Blinky and Inky will be waiting. Pac-Man’s movements will then be directed via a one-way headset linked to another player outside the maze (the Controller), who will be watching the action top-down on a large projection screen.