Igbeth preview, through the sieve of the interweb

Without doubt the bestest thing about Gigbeth* is that it makes you consider going to see artists that you wouldn’t have thought of unless you’d just paid your money for ticket. Frugalism in the gig-going public is what leads them to “get their money’s worth” by not being turned off by that first hoary old whiff of jazz, or the appearance of a some kind of accompanying theatre.

*What isn’t the bestest thing is the fact that the logo (while a clever twist) makes it very difficult to decide what the whole thing is actually called. I’m plumping for Igbeth.

It’s a bit of a shame that the various styles of music are a bit ghetto-ised, in a not-so urban festival you get that mess of pottage thing going on – here you’ll have to make a more conscious effort to swap venues and styles.

In order to help you do that in a slightly more informed way, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to knock through the artist list and have a listen to see what we think. Then we’ve written very quickly.

The writing is based purely on cursory listens to the first thing on each link. Beware that this says much more about us, our music prejudices, and the ability/impossibility to completely judge a band by the first few seconds of the track that plays off their myspace player thing when you load the page, nasty but that’s how it goes in todays MTV generation short attention span society. Er, what was I saying?

There’s too much for one person to get through so we’ve done about half each, and we have completely different music tastes. Bounder did Thursday and Saturday, Catnip Friday. It turned into a myspace endurance session, so a couple of times if the page didn’t work we gave up.

Here goes (excuse rubbish grammar)…


  • Achanak – website down
  • Apollomy – chorus pedal, dull indie at first glance.
  • Applz Sanra– pop hip hop, nothing immediately interesting.
  • Austin Francis Connection – Rap by David Baddiel, if you like that Just Jack nonsense…
  • Black Out – No Link
  • Bonito Star – relaxed soft reggae, casio keyboard.
  • Brite Lites – soft rock – stadiums or nowt for these.
  • Carousel Circus – who knew Tamworth was the midwest? OK.
  • CFAX – Has Tom as a myspace friend, which shows something although I’m not sure what. Well produced hip-hop.
  • Charlie McKenzie – “music is individual and very much my own style”, but REALLY likes Jewel. I don’t.
  • Elliot Minor – E M O, quite catchy.
  • Helen Rees Powell – No Link.
  • Indigo Moss – Banjos, shoes, sounds brill, been on Radio One, has album.
  • Jamo – No music, nice shirt.
  • K9 – No Link
  • Laura Ige – Jazz, nothing interesting for me there.
  • Little Sister – Ramshackle ‘Gentle Waves’, do want.
  • Malik – not mad, laid back hip hop.
  • Maria LP – no Link
  • Mark Dwayne – dreadful local radio-style advert, then charty hip-hop, didn’t know “the hatman” sold tickets.
  • MarKia – No Link.
  • Midas – Chart fixing indie, loud, if you like that sort of thing, still loud if you don’t.
  • Miss Moneypenny’s – link no worky, but I think you’d know what to expect.
  • Medicine Head, as performed by Mark Richardson and Andy Boddington – ? No Link
  • Mr. Hudson and the Library – Mr Hudson is a genuine talent, think Ben Folds but not so New Yeurk or Neil Hannon without the archness.
  • Mynx – No Link, (but catnip is wondering if they are the same Mynx she saw many a year ago at
  • John Moore’s Student’s Union, in which case they were a top live drum ‘n’ bass act).
  • Natty – Shades of Roots Manuva, pop with a bit of an edge. Like it.
  • Nizlopi – Why aren’t they considered a novelty act, I mean the Wurzzels did songs about plant machinery years ago. I get the feeling they drink an awful lot.
  • Orchestra of the Swan – Why is the littlest fella playing the largest instrument? No sounds to be found.
  • Queens Park Sinfonia– It’s classical music, and seems to be unrelated to lower division Scottish football which is a shame.
  • S Squad – “Straight out of B-CITY!!” – So much shit on the myspace I can’t get the tunes to play, I’m guessing these guys do not fit into the “laid back camp”, they should make some serious noise.
  • Scott T – DJ, quite mainstream. I don’t really listen to much techno, but have heard of all the tracks on his mix.
  • SHIMM 1– Can’t get anything to play on the myspace page, can you do better?
  • Sincere – Why doesn’t myspace work properly? Starting to break out, big in France probably.
  • Sobriety Trust – No Link
  • Soweto Kinch – – Mobo winning sax/rap genius, his myspace page doesn’t work at the moment for me have turned off adblock, have rebooted Firefox…
  • Tears of Steel– Again with the myspace blockage – they do have flyer for Thursday at the Rainbow up tho: Love the name if it’s Tears as in rip, hate it if it’s eyewater. Oh there we go sounds have loaded, mmm, alright is all I can say.
  • The Celturian – This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted. Hope they’re ok.
  • The Lights– Have a tinge of REM, depending on whether you believe in them they’ll be great or awful.
  • The Project – No Link
  • Tramp Attack – They are The Coral and I claim my £5. Great name, fairly catchy.
  • Yelitza – She can sing, but I don’t like what she’s singing.


  • 1 Eye – jazzy, funky, latin-tinged 8-strong band with real instruments!
  • 35 Seconds– guitar band. oo, nice bass. oh, where’d the bass go :-( bored now. hmm, confused now. too many styles crammed into one song.
  • Aashig al-Rashul Link down
  • Ad Jones – Wrong link?
  • Apache Beat – cool electro/guitar band from NYC, a bit Yeah Yeah Yeahs? like it, will defo check them out
  • Aries– loving it! Top dnb/dub track. If you’re into this kind of music, you should love it, I think a friend Add is in order and will check out the other tracks too.
  • Blennz – No Link
  • Boy Kill Boy– one of the few bands I’d already heard of. above average guitar band. nice, clean myspace page – that’s gotta be worth something!
  • Chicks Dig Jerks DJs – longstanding local DJ collective, judging by their myspace page, they’ll be newravetastic I suspect.
  • Chromatouch – experienced VJ, he says “Using animation, photography, video footage and rhythmic skills, I combine the elements into a truly organic digital experience. It’s like painting with light.” should be interesting.
  • Cissy Stone – RnB/Jazz – really like her voice, but the music is pure 80s synth a la Luther Vandross and the trite lyrics are a huge let down.
  • Dan B & Reaction– nooo, his myspace page is one of the worst I’ve ever seen – it’s enough to induce a fit and is giving me a headache, not sure I can stop on it long enough to find and listen to the music.
  • Daniela Bove– oo, harp, nice! Her myspace description is pretty accurate “cute blend of folky poppy electronica with classical guitars!”. Hmm, could go either way
  • Deluka– top notch electro band with a girl singer, will defo check these out
  • Dex in the City – club night at The Custard Factory’s Rojac Warehouse featuring Birmingham DJs and FC Kahuna.
  • DJ Maxwell – jazz/hip hop/funk DJ.
  • Einstellung– gorgeous post-rocky, layered atmospheric stuff.
  • Envy & Other Sins– quirky alt pop, a bit Fratellis perhaps?
  • FC Kahuna – already a favourite of mine, they have been likened to the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.
  • Fiori– hair metal.
  • Frontline– pop guitar, one of my least favourite types of music, think I’ll give them a miss.
  • Gurdan Thomas– very promising, a bit Divine Comedy, a whole host of musical instruments including flute, recorder, clarinet, ocarina (hurray!).
  • Hot Spunk– not sure I want that in my web history lol! euro pop.
  • Jake Isaacs– Christian music. not my bag.
  • Jess Jones – No Link
  • Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan– longstanding club DJ including many years resident at Moneypenny’s. Expect some quality dance tunes.
  • John Rush – No Link
  • Johnny Foreigner– hmm, the first track took a while to sink in then reminded me a bit of Broken Social Scene. Should be a grower I think and I like many of their listed influences so will definitely check these out.
  • Kooper – No Link
  • Marc Reed – No Link
  • Mark Wright – – country singer, myspace track was a novelty track “If Tony Was a Rock Star” (yes Tony Blair) which put me off!
  • Matt Geory – No Link
  • Mort the Sonic V Lash Frenzy – No Link
  • Myke Smith – club DJ.
  • Nu Life– R&B/Christian music, not for me.
  • Paul Thomas– Creator of Dex in the City, club DJ and producer
  • Pendragon – progressive rock, quite like the myspace track but probably not really my cup of tea.
  • Project X Presents– “A seamless six hour fantasy of music and light” Properly on Sat, but your wristband gets you in to Friday’s rehearsal.
  • Reginald D Hunter – no-holds-barred standup comedian.
  • Rich Batsford– ahh, soothing piano, and relaaaaaaaaaax!
  • Russ Price – No link
  • Science V Romance– average guitar band
  • Shoot Panda Liars Club – No Link
  • Skitty– mouthy uk hip-hop/drum n bass, I found the lyrics a bit harsh e.g. “anyone who’s dissed my mum, suck your dead great gran through your dad’s batty crease rude boy”, shame coz I really like his voice and the music is excellent too.
  • Stars In DC– sweet and folky, not sure about some of the lyrics tho. Might be a grower.
  • SubJeeniuz – seem like a pretty decent metal band on first impression
  • Summary – Good acid jazz/hip hop a la Jazzmatazz, might check them out if nothing else clashes.
  • The Midnight Garden Burial – growly metal.
  • The Fall The Rise – fairly heavy rock.
  • The GetAways – Moddish, Libertinesy. Boring on a computer, but live could be good.
  • The Sub Ensemble – No Link
  • Tony McPhee of The Groundhogs Cherry Red is a classic, shame not to hear it live just the once.
  • Tsien – No tunes, but list a member as “Guitar/Artwork/Photography”, good attitude.
  • Unterwelt – Dance
  • Zinc & Dynamite – Freestyle – good tracks, freestyle we’ll have to see. Zinc, if it is DJ Zinc is a genius.


  • Aimee Strange– No sounds to be found, but I’m guessing kiddie metal.
  • Arcadian Kicks– Have listened to this for longer that I would have thought I would, it’s just indie rock – but they has something.
  • Arnie G – Starts first track with a shout to “BIRMINGHAM CITY”, this I like and also the track. Timbaland-esque isn’t an insult is it?
  • Basil Gabbidon– founder member of Steel Pulse and a hugely talented guitarist.
  • Beardyman (2007 UK beatbox champ)– man has beard, makes noises with mouth, strangely compelling.
  • BeatVandals– not sure the internet is a good way of judging DJs, or anything come to that, but with DJs the playing of bits of other peopels records…
  • Beestung Lips – great bass, good screaming.
  • Ben Calvert– Like everything about him, but his voice.
  • Ben Edwards– Tumpet-tastic.
  • Black Stone Cherry – M E T A L, grungey.
  • Black Voices – I guess you’ll know if you’ll like this or not. Tom is their myspace friend.
  • Bones H.L.I – No Link
  • Carousel Circus – Just as country as when i listened ten mins ago.
  • Chrome – No Link
  • Distophia – Indie in a good way, no support slots with the Kiaser Chiefs or the Kooks for them.
  • DJ Cro – Er, OK.
  • DJ JFB (2007 UK Technics Champ) – Is good at making records sound unlike they would if you just put them on and let them spin.
  • Doom Patrol – Shouty hardcore. Take them some lockets.
  • Drumalicious – Dunno, only some samples on their webpage.
  • Eddy Morton – Timeless folk-stuff, couldn’t be further from most stuff from Stourbridge.
  • Fillmore Gears – Very Black Crowes. Well done tho’.
  • Fox Diverse – No Link
  • Friendly Fire – Stoned, in a good way.
  • Fuck Buttons – Harsh name for a sweet electonic act, scratch that sweet here comes the buzzsaw. Super.
  • Fur – No Link
  • Ganders – Blues rock, young guys who could get more interesting.
  • Hamana – African Drums, nothing to hear.
  • Jean Mclean– Retro-reggae, nothing too upsetting.
  • Jodie Lawrence – Invalid Friend ID, aww.
  • John Paul Blake – No Link
  • Jonny Five – No link, but anyone who’s named after the robot from Short Circuit…
  • LTJ Bukem – Myspace is terrible, but we know this guy to be good.
  • Milton Godfrey – A multi-media production service. ?
  • Misty’s Big Adventure– New album coming out, a Bonzos for the Naughties and more.
  • Mommas in the Kitchen – Really bad name, unoffensive retro rock.
  • Morphine – Although Russ L will be mad at us, he is Dizzie Rascal-esque. Tom is his friend.
  • Mr Derry – Superb garage rock with female vocals. Will be there.
  • Musical Youth– Seem un-embarrasable, have done a version of ‘Pretty Woman’ with Pato Banton.
  • Mylz – DJ-ing.
  • Nick J Townsend– Grunge rock, he has an awful voice and a very bad haircut.
  • Nizlopi – They’re from Leamington Spa you know.
  • Paisley Riot – You’re expecting punk-Prince, they’re the Stereophonics.
  • Parker Reminds me of GLC, can’t work out whether he’s meant to be funny. It could just be the accent.
  • PCM – I’ve heard this D ‘n’ B break hundreds of times before. It may be popular.
  • Rivington – No Link
  • Rob Carvalho– Smooth, fucking terrible lyrics. “You’ve got it round your nose, all over your clothes”.
  • Shady Bard– Folk as it comes, very nice. Penguins!
  • Skibu– Like this, even tho’ it’s basically reggae-lite. He has a good voice, nice bouncy keyboards.
  • Sol_dat– Breaks, reminiscent of Req for me. Could get into this. Talking of breaks I could do with one now, but onward…
  • Soldier – More Black Crowes, bye.
  • Sparks And Scarce– They remind me of nothing so much as seminal rap-duo Fresh and Fly (Michelle Gayle on Grange Hill, with Ronnie Byrtles). That or Estelle.
  • Steve Gibbons– This profile is set to private. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile. F-k him, then.
  • Sunset Cinema Club– Could do with more cowbell. Like the name yourself after a porno cinema thing, will need to hear more.
  • Susan Dillane– Don’t make it easy to find the tunes, have picture of cat.
  • Synopsis– No idea which of the various sub-genres of metal they fit into, but whichever it is I guess they fit well.
  • The Anomalies– Could have been a good indie band, not sure the hip-hop stuff is that great. I guess it may work live. When they sing I like, when they rap, I’m nonplussed.
  • The Big Silver Fish– Could have been big in the nineties. Trip-hop.
  • The Blitz – No Link
  • The Dublin Jacks – No Link
  • The Fantastic Mr Fox– Not sure, like the Maps remix.
  • The Gravity Crisis– Have supported the Enemy, are much better. The Enemy are shit.
  • The Old Dance School – incredible traditional folk-type band. Good hats.
  • The Plight– Metal vocals hide good tune
  • The Priory– Really quite fantastic post-punk. Ladytron with Micheal Stype on vocals.
  • The Reload – No Link
  • The Riptides– Electro-indie. Nothing to see here.
  • The Scarlet Harlots– Must be too old for this, it’s plinky-plonky and grating. Nah I’m not too old, it’s not good.
  • The Vehicles– damn i’m so hyped i had to tell you, i actually decided to try one of those free cash card offers, you know that $500 Macys one, and it really did work i couldn’t believe it. you should go here and get one too, you see…? A happy Joy Division?
  • Tipitina– Link goes to Big Bear Records page, that’s Jazz I thinks.
  • Vijay Kishore– Wouldn’t be so exposed on the end if he’d called himself The Vijay Kishore. Oh, it’s his picture at the top of the page (the gigbeth links page). I think “haunting” is what he’s aiming for, he hits too.

And with that stream of consciousness rubbish. We’ve found one or two things we’ll not miss for the world, some things we didn’t know we liked, some very poor myspace pages, some top tracks. We’ve been much nastier than we’d usually be if we were thinking (but that’s the point kind of, we weren’t). Will be interesting to compare when we thought after that to what we think after seeing them live.

Have we dissed something you really like? Are we wrong, are we right? Have we missed the point of something you can set us straight on? Feel free to do so, nicely.

10 comments for “Igbeth preview, through the sieve of the interweb

  1. 24 October 2007 at 7:02 pm

    Morphine actually does have a fair bit of Dizzee Rascal about his sound, and thus I’m not angry. It’s only the “Someone is a black british rapper and thus Dizzee will be our tokenistic comparison irrespective of what they sound like” state of mind I dislike.

    I liked this post, whichever way up.

  2. 24 October 2007 at 7:28 pm

    I think that’s what I thought Russ. It was a long afternoon tho’. I’m almost glad I’m not in a band any more, to have to deal with myspace… yuk.

  3. 24 October 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I can understand that.

    This, however, opens the thorny thorn-ridden thorny-thing of people like me (i.e. people who don’t know) asking which bands you were in…

    Anyone I might have heard of?

  4. 25 October 2007 at 1:48 am

    Correct link for Aashiq al Rasul is http://www.aashiqalrasul.com/


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  6. 25 October 2007 at 2:21 pm

    >This, however, opens the thorny thorn-ridden thorny-thing of people like me (i.e. >people who don’t know) asking which bands you were in…
    >Anyone I might have heard of?

    No Russ, no one I’d be prepared to admit in interpublic – apart from the dormunt, but not defunct, “Wedge Grundy & The Big Rons”.

  7. Mort the Sonic
    29 October 2007 at 10:02 am
  8. 31 October 2007 at 2:20 am

    Enjoyed your research a lot – thanks.
    Only one thing I’d really disagree on – Nizlopi.
    “Why aren’t they considered a novelty act, I mean the Wurzzels did songs about plant machinery years ago. I get the feeling they drink an awful lot.”
    Well they did have one kind of noveltyish record but anyone who has seen them live has seen a performance of real passion, soul, innovation, warmth and a delivery that indicates that their drinks intake is well under control.
    Pink Floyd’s first hit single didn’t give a clue re what was to come. Mind you I never liked them much. Won’t miss Nizlopi whenever I get the chance though.
    Oh and The Scarlet Harlots? yep you’re too old.
    After that effort you deserve a myspace free year.

  9. 31 October 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Just having another look at this with the aim of deciding in advance roughly where and when I want to be, not an easy task without any times. Yeah there are times that each whole venue opens and closes in a PDF on the Gigbeth site, but I was hoping for more than that. Someone must know what time each band is due onstage. We wouldn’t hold anyone to it, we know hiccups are extremely likely with live music, it’d just be nice to have a vague idea!

    Anyway, I’m going over Bounder’s days as our musical Venn diagram only has about a 50% overlap (if that!) and I don’t trust him!

    Noticed that the link for Achanak is wrong on the Gigbeth site and should be http://www.achanak.co.uk/ (as one might expect) and not anchanak! Bhangratastic :-)

    Any more I find, will let you know…

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