Start blogging, fabulous prizes to be won

Andrew Dubber started a blog about whisky not so long ago, he then merged it into his personal blog, but he’s started to get offers of free stuff. Makes you think, or at least it makes me think.

I turned down the offer of some advertising on BiNS this week, as it was the type that could make the site look as it it was recommending all sorts of weird stuff (loans probably) , neutrality comes at a price however. So thinking of ways to help pay for the site (google ads don’t pay much at all), I thought I’d throw it out to you lot.

We’ll be doing the regular calendar this year, and I’ve found a UK supplier so that might get a few more sales – but would (for example) people be prepared to buy a BiNS book? Or is there anyone out there who’s got a product that we could heartily endorse, so we wouldn’t feel bad about advertising it?

Or I might just start a blog about primark socks, or some other daily expense. ;)

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