Oh go jump off a building

Fools (or as the press release puts it “adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and sightseers”) will be able to jump off a huge tower VTP200 by Millenium point in three years time – if plans get the go-ahead. A the bottom there are planned resturants and a hotel, while 190m up (by comparisson the Rotunda is 81m tall) visitors can have a go on rides (“Flight Trainer, Giant Drop and Seesaw”) – and four extreme activities includinga bungee jump and a further 10m “Climb To The Top”.

On a clear day they reckon you should be able to see 30 miles, which is almost to Telford, which is nice.

Plans and a scale model of the building will be at Millennium Point from Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd September, I can’t find a planning application on the council site, so is it all pie in the sky? (I’m sure you would be able to get pie btw).

Brum’s London Eye or Eifiel Tower? A bit Vegas or too Blackpool? What do you think?

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