Moseley Folk Saturday, brain dump

Had a great day at Moseley Folk Festival yesterday, here are some things I learned:

  • The invention of wine glasses coming pre-filled and sealed at the top (so you could carry them in your pocket!) is a storming idea.
  • The compère took laid-back to new levels of horizontalness. I don’t believe he managed to name one of the bands.
  • Any place with a ‘pirate show’ is okay by me.
  • Fairport Convention can be forgiven anything (karafolkie?) when they play ‘Matty Groves’.
  • Andy Votel _is_ the DJ from The Archers (if The Archers had a DJ).
  • Middle-class hippies are a breed apart. (Awww, don’t unplug that man’s guitar Tarquin, darling. Or mommy will be cross.).
  • Simon Fowler is really good solo.
  • Folk musicians drift between bands, even ones on the same line-up, with consummate ease.

Here are some photos I took. And here are a couple of vids. (More soon)