I really wanted to call this post ‘Flowery tw_ts’ and hope that people would get the Fawlty Towers reference and realise that it wasn’t…

… intended as offensive or disparaging, just a bit of headline fun. In chickened out.

2006-09-06_035 : Originally uploaded by mo’ moseley.

News reaches us via the Moseley Free email group that Moseley in Bloom (that’s flowers and that) has got to the national stage of the competition:

Moseley In Bloom won Silver Gilt and was the Category Winner in the Urban Communities Category 2007. There were 9 entries in our category and two silver gilts were awarded (no golds). Out of the 55 entries in 11 categories Heart of England is allowed to put forward just four to represent the Region in 2008 and Moseley was one of those chosen. The others are Upton (Village), Bridgnorth (Town) and Solihull (City).

I think this means not that this entry will be judged on a national basis, but it’s kind of a promotion to the top division of urban community floral displays. Gawd this horticulture is compilcated, if you fancy seeing the rules and this-years-finallists-from-last-year if you see what I mean then there’s some info on the RHS website.