hot hot heat

Marketing Birmingham have lauched a new listings website with the odd name Birmingham feel the heat (it’s something to do with their new campaign that uses thermal imaging photos).

The site is the work of 3form, and as such looks as clean and fresh (and usable!) as their other work – some of the colours are very hard to decipher (the white on yellow that represents ART, for example), but I’m guessing that was a marketing rather than design lead.

It remains to see whether this will take off, and events listing sites are dependant on keeping up to date – but despite not having full details of Artsfest (too much to hope, we’ve been looking everywhere!) it seems already well-stocked. To add your own event you need to email them rather that add it yourself – so let’s hope that they let events of every size, and organiser through regardless of perceived cultural worth.

via upyerBrum