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Birmingham: It's Not Shit Calendar 2008

It’s that time of next year again, when in a flagrant attempt to pay for all the incidental costs of B:iNS we unleash the Birmingham:It’s Not Shit Calendar on the suspecting public. It is, we’ve seen calendars in the shops.

As always it features 13 shots of real Brum, with no spin and only a tiny few adjustments in Photoshop to try and make it look warm in the summer months (well did you try getting pictures of the sun this year?). While it isn’t all pretty, it at least isn’t 12 shots of canalside living.

It includes, the beach under Spaghetti Junction, Mr Egg, The Pantomime Horse Grand National and you can see tiny versions of the inside pictures here.

We’ve got two versions for sale from, a full height version at £12.99 (cover pictured) and a slightly cheaper folded version at £7.99.

Both include all your Bank Holidays, as well as a few special B:iNS chosen dates and anniversaries. (There’s also one in our Cafepress shop might be cheaper with the dollar exchange rate being over 2-1, have a look see what you think. This one doesn’t have special dates, just normal holidays.)

It’s a perfect gift for granny, as long as granny doesn’t mind the word “shit” in tiny type a couple of times on the cover. Best to buy it her for christmas and hide her bifocals till it’s January and you’ve put it up.