ArtsFest, what goes on

I have in my hand a piece of paper, it says what’s on at ArtsFest this year (14 – 16 Sept). No linky it’s not on the (curiously orange) website as yet. Big news is that the headliners of Friday night’s indie event are Ocean Colour Scene rather than the rumoured Twang or Editors – or Fuzzbox as I was secretly hoping. For those that like loud guitars Kerrang! are having a stage in Victoria Square with computerclub, The Filmore Gears, UXL and TBC (sorry can’t find their myspace). More laid back music at Penny Blacks in the Mailbox (it’s a bar, so no kids) with The Kings of Spain and Mike Bethel amongst others. Actually there seems to be tons of music on this year (more than last?), with stages in Brindley Place and in loads of bars and cafes, The Yardbird, The Flapper, The Prince Of Wales.

Other stuff that has caught my eye is Codpiece Theatre about who I know nothing other than they have some connection with the University of Warwick – great name tho’, Punch and Judy (who I really hope aren’t a band) on the Chamberlain Square beach – surely what the sandpit was made for and MAQ (who is on at the Museum & Art Gallery).MAQ it seems stands for Modern Art Quartet – but only has one guy in it: “when ‘we’ played live in the early days, there were three empty chairs with a selection of percussion instruments available for the audience to join in if they so wished”. Take your tamborine.

Try and get hold of a programme, as I don’t think the website is going to help much, I think you can pick them up from most of the venues.