Spree but no glee

The Polyphonic Spree are coming to Brum on 5 September (Thanks The Stirrer), WOO! The Spree are fantastic, trust me.

Unfortunately it’s at the Glee Club, which can be a dreadful venue – the bar prices, seating, drinking up time (where they close while the act is on in order to ship you out the moment they finish), atmosphere – and often manages to suck the life out of comedy. I’ve been to a gig there before and (admittedly it was a ‘quirky singer-songwriter’) it was the quietest I’ve ever seen a gig venue.

Don’t fancy the Spree’s chances of fitting 28 members on the stage – or the management’s chances of stopping people getting up for a boogie.

Despite not liking the venue I rushed to book a ticket, where upon it took me four browsers across two computers to get the booking form to work (and surprisingly it was Safari on the Mac that I succeeded with in the end). Sort it out, please.

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