Sing "Birmingham’s Truths"

Reality Estate is a very multimedia arts project from Friction arts, which will (in October) “transform the Five Ways Estate, Shopping Centre and roundabout.” Artists and the people of Ladywood will ‘sing Birmingham’s truths’, accompanied by some of Birmingham’s best known choirs, to a backdrop of spectacular projections and lighting.

What’s interesting for those not involved before then is that there’ll be a load of video diaries and the like on – there are some there now. (NB it’s not as the banner says or as the press release says, doh.)

Could be really fantastic – although not sure what “singing Birmingham’s Truths” will involve, “the number 50 is often packed with dope smokers”, “Broad St is a bit mainstream”, “BiNS can’t resist pointing out web flaws, even when really liking something.” etc etc… If you’ve got any “truths” feel free to leave ’em in the comments.

Via upyerBrum