Jug of Ale to close

One of Brum’s (and England’s) most loved toilet circuit venues, The Jug of Ale in Moseley, is to close in around six weeks – to be pulled down and replaced with 100 much needed (hem hem) flats. The pub was sold in June of last year and now the owners have sold on again, according to those in the know. The venue is well loved and as Russ says “there are so few venues; fewer still that a DIY promoter can just go out and hire; fewer still that a DIY promoter can hire without having to pay an excessively high room-hire fee or have to deal with ridiculously awkward people”. Personally seen bands there that when on to be massive, and some that were (I thought) massive anyways, hello Big Frank.

With flats built in Digbeth and about to be built in Moseley impinging on the live music in other venues it’s one disaster after another for the DIY music scene an the moment. Shutting venues to build flats destroys the reasons that the places are attractive to live in – we’ve got to do something about this trend.

EDIT: Maybe this is a rumour after all – I’m now hearing IT’S NOT CLOSING, which is great news.

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