Halo effect

D’Log, that always has the oddest things to show and tell, links to Daden a company based in Brum.

On their site they’ve got Halo – who is “sample chatbot (created with Vhost’s SitePal service)” (follow the links on the origninal post if you’d like that explained a bit). She sits with a back drop of The Rotunda and Selfridges (that places her around The custard Factory) and you can talk to her – typing – and she answers back

I asked Halo about Brum and she told me: “Birmingham is in the British Midlands. It is about 100 miles north west of London. It is England’s second city”. Yah Boo Manchester, a virtual girl said it so it must be true.

Since she seems to live around by the Spotted Dog I asked if she’d complained “Dogs need to be in the countryside. I love working sheep dogs.”. Not quite ready for the Turing Test, then, but fun all the same.

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