Beach 6 – and it’s catching

Despite the mixed response to Birmingham’s summer of five (? sorry, genuinely lost count now) land-locked beaches – guess what?

That’s right, the Rugby Football Union are brining Beach rugby to Birmingham in Centenary Square. Those that fancy cauliflower ears, odd shaped balls AND sand between them should pop along on Wednesday 15 August.

If you’re desperate for your fake sand fix before then, you may take a trip to the wilds of the Black Country and visit Halesowen by the Sea. In a devastatingly original touch, on 12 August the centre of the town will be blessed with it’s own beach. Lack of a Halesowen: It’s Not Shit site leads the only internet based news of this being in a pdf of a council meeting from June. Rest assured though it will include Punch and Judy, live singing groups, face painters, “animal” balloon makers, small fairground rides, *donkey rides* (yay!) and Halesowen sticks of rock.

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