Roots maneuver

Despite my pitiful attempt at live-blogging (thwarted by my phone crashing once every minute or so) BiNs was there at Rootsville on Saturday, fully enjoying the displaced festival experience. The chance to kip in my own bed – however postponed – after getting all festivaled up is fully appreciated by an old git like me.

The Inspirals didn’t disappoint, nor did the brilliantly random line-up. Wandering to the bar and seeing an-almost string quartet jazz version of of national anthem (no idea who!) with the Dholblasters standing just off stage in full regalia (I think waiting to go on with the Destroyers) was a sight that I won’t forget in a hurry.

The wet weather obviously kept some people away, but everything tat could be organised seemed to have been done to a tee. Loved the ‘del-boy”s bars out ‘underneath the arches’, and the odd train going overhead is something that Misty’s should incorporate into all their sets.

CiB is doing what it does so well and collating everything on t’interweb about it

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  1. slick
    4 July 2007 at 1:34 pm

    hello, glad you enjoyed it.

    I’m from Slick Events, we did the production for the whole thing. I’d like to apologise to everyone for the delays and I hope it didn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment too much. We were always up against it because of the rain & wind causing untold problems, but a combination of the Zulus being so good that they were given an extra 30 mins and the Inspirals spending ~45 minutes on stage re-wiring their keyboard (unneccessarily as it turned out) meant that we had to run over. Hey, it’s a festival… Full respect to the bands who waited so patiently, especially the Plastic Toys who totally rocked the (small buy enthusiatic) house at 5AM as dawn was breaking. Lakeside stage started 90 mins late due to a completely unexpected lack of drumkit. But it finished on time…

    We are very tired plus quite despondent as we had the hired marquee robbed from the Custard Factory on Monday morning (THIEVING BASTARDS, I hope you die horribly)

    but all in all, people seemed to be enjoying it, and I feel very proud of my crew for making it happen.

    The Show Did Go On.

    Big thanks to B:INS for collating all this info :)

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