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I’ve been meaning to do a quick mention of the Birmingham Post’s blog for quite a time. While the different authors are obsessed with political gossip, sport, and oddly charity cricket matches between directors of Birmingham based companies, that seems about right for the Post. What was moving me to comment tho’, was the distinct lack of comments – was it about visibility, or moderation, or did the Post not get the ‘conversation’ part of blogging?

What really irked me was the couple of times I felt moved to comment, with a point or a vain witticism, they never made it. I was beginging to think that they wouldn’t allow any comment that wasn’t explicit agreeing with them.

That was until the borderline ironic post about irony (bear with us, intellectual the Birmingham Post) about the Broad St Walk of Fame really riled a reader. Line after line of abuse and a complete list of dates for Chas and Dave’s new tour.

(SATO had actually first seen the story on upyerBrum, so the first bit of his comment is cut+pasted from there, which explains the odd word like EDIT appearing – you can’t rant like that twice…)

Go and have a look – and do comment on the Post blog (as well as here!) as blogging is as much about comments as the actual posts.

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