Pledge to Talk Like A Brummie and win

This Friday people around the country with be spending the day talking like a Brummie, calling each other “bab” and advising people to go “careful past your granny’s”.

The campaign has built up with hundreds of pledges on myspace and facebook and there are people planning to spend the day talking like a Brummie from as far away as Australia, Canada and even Liverpool.

One special event that is being held is a celebration of the Brummie accent in Chamberlain Square, from 12pm to 6pm on Friday people will be able to hear a panel of local experts, record their own favourite Brummie phrases and sayings for the BBC Big Screen and will have the chance to win special Birmingham prizes – get down if you can even if it’s “looking a bit dark over Bill’s mother’s”.

The lovely lads at – home of the T-Shirts that Adrian Chiles loves – have agreed to send a T-Shirt to one lucky TLABDay-er. All you have to do is sign up and pledge to Talk Like A Brummie on Friday on the site.

You can even sign up for their newsletter for the chance to win even more Bostin stuff.

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