OZZY OSBOURNE – OSBOURNE CRITICISES LONDON OLYMPICS: “‘That thing is going to cost about nine billion pounds! That’s a lot of money to watch some guy run around a f**king track. ‘I could go to some gym and see that for free.’ ”

Oh, come on young John – Birmingham will benefit we’re assured, the Chinese swimming team might come here first or something.

It’s not often it’s Ozzy Osbourne as the voice of reason in political funding discussions.

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  1. richbatsford
    15 July 2007 at 3:10 pm

    yeah, given how much Arts Funding has apparently been lost to the Olympics, Im finding it a bit hard to get enthusiastic about them at the moment as well. “Ooooh, look, that guy can run 0.01 seconds faster than the other ones”. Fascinating.


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