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Of the Birmingham councilors that are quite active on the interweb (there are more, but ‘active’ seems to be too strong a word to describe the blogs of Zoe Hopkins, John Cotton or Dave Radcliffe – it’s to their credit that they blog at all, obviously) I’ve been increasingly struck by the difference between Martin Mullaney and Deirdre Alden.

Martin is known for his controversial YouTube videos, earning him the oh-so local press nickname ‘camcorder councillor’, and is forthright on any number of internet groups and forums – Deirdre sticks to her blog almost always posting a new entry every day. While i wish Martin would collate all his efforts on his own blog (there are plenty of tools around, I’ll help if you like), so I hadn’t had to build the Mullaney Pipe to keep up with him, it’s obvious he sees the internet as a tool of two-way communication and makes a lot of effort. Deirdre’s blog is much more diary-like and stylistically reads like a free newspaper, with meetings and school fetes.

Martin’s stuff makes me feel engaged with local politics, Deirdre’s not so much. I don’t think it’s anything to do with political standpoints as at this ultra-local level actual policy doesn’t seem to have much of a look in (should it?) – you see that I’ve done the whole post without mentioning parties – which would be a lot more difficult if I was looking at spinned MPs blogs.

Do you have a favourite blogging councilor or politician? Do you prefer to read about what your local representatives do diary-style, or what they think however scattershot? Lets us know in the comments…

(a Brummie outside our council Bob Piper of Sandwell is always worth a read, maverick certainly).

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