internal error

Over last couple of days I’ve had trouble getting to the council website – both at home (where I wanted to look up something about noise complaints) and at work (where the ‘Birmingham Bulletin’ excited me with tales of Recycler the Rapping Robot). Intermittently it’s throwing a lovely page that just says “Error 500” – and of course I can’t even get to the website to see who to tell.

Anyone else having problems?

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  1. Pete Ashton
    26 July 2007 at 11:55 am

    I noticed a while back that doesn’t resolve to but that just produced 404s.

    A 500 error usually means you’ve connected to the site but something went wrong with the script that was building you page. Could be a database error or a permissions screwup. Might be they were fixing something when you tried to access it.

    But more likely this is just the site being all creaky and crap. So no surprise there.

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