fame vs power

Jasper Carrott has been announced as the second person to join the Broad St Walk of Stars (icBirmingham) which we can only surmise makes him the second most famous Brummie (out of those willing to turn up the the paving ceremony) – he’s not in the Birmingham Post’s 50 most powerful people in Birmingham tho’.

The top 50 list is very much a behind the scenes power-broking list – and you’d be forgiven for not knowing who some of them were. Some are quite random (does Ed Doolan really wield that much actual power?), some are friends of BiNs (Hi Mr Stirrer, Adrian Goldberg), but the problem with power (if this has any real connection to reality) is that it comes with great responsibility – lets hope they all know how to handle it.

I’ve never liked the idea of an elected mayor – if we had one they’d surely leap to the top of the list – but with so few of the ‘powerful’ having an electorate to answer to, I’m coming round to the idea.

Fascinating fact, did you know that the singer of the Guillemots was a brummie?

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