Brollywood or bust?

There’s been a bit in the press about possible plans for a film studio in Birmingham – and how it would attract more media (well money it means) into the area. The article lists how many programmes made requests to film in Brum in the last couple of years (Totally Jodie Marsh, anyone?) – almost all were factual programmes that used exclusively location shots. Was this because we don’t have a studio, or is it because the days of the studio are pretty much numbered and most programmes are shot this way now. With HD it’s more difficult and expensive to get a studio to look good – location work is going to be even more prevalent in drama too.

With the BBC and partners already building a new studio in Salford, would a specially built studio really pull companies into Brum? Or would the money and effort be better spent in making it easier film in all sorts of Brum locations (witness the way that New York bends over backwards to allow companies to use their city)?

What do any filmmakers think?