Being for the benefit of Moseley baths

I coped for a Save Moseley Baths badge at Rootsville, and I’m now proudly sporting it. So I thought it was best to let you know about a fundrasing gig at the Medicine Bar featuring a host of well, gig type stuff. Here’s the flyer, click though for more info on the myspace page:

and count yourself lucky it’s on a computer as the back of the hard copy featured comic sans.

1 comment for “Being for the benefit of Moseley baths

  1. Pete Ashton
    3 July 2007 at 6:20 pm

    It’s certainly a surreal piece of design in that regard. One side is all lovely and cod-Victoriana while the other is a car crash. I suspect two brains were involved.

    (“You need two brains….”)

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