Balderdash and Blartin’

After a hectic week rushing round promoting TLAB Day (I’ve just this minute got back from doing Radio Five on a show with Danny Kelly*) can we relax here? Course not.

One of the legacies of TLABD, we hope will be an online Brummie dictionary – there were hundreds of phrases added to the TLABD site and it would be such a shame to lose all that work. So we’ve set up a wikipedia-style ‘Brummie dictionary’ for all of the good people of the interweb to contribute to.

It’s empty at the moment, although we’ll start to shift the submitted stuff across asap, so if you want to get in first and make sure it’s your definition of ‘crash’ (as in the rocks) that makes it – get over there. In true wiki stylee if you search for something and it isn’t there, you’ll be given the chance to add it yourself. There’s a link to the proper wiktionary help pages on the site should you get stuck.

*Fascinating (and possibly untrue) fact from that link, Danny was once briefly married to Hazel O’Connor.