Zulus gonna getcha

The zulus are about to hit Brum, and for once none of them will have gold Birmingham City pendants round thier necks.

The Young ZULU Warriors (all 26), have just confirmed as one of the special guests to appear on what is already an extraordinary line up, at the Rootsville Festival. Direct from Kwazulu Natal, we have been told to prepare for a barrage of drummers and dancers in full regalia surging it’s way down Gibb St – just like a normal Saturday night then ;)

I dont’ think this bit of video can possibly do them justice, but it’s pretty much all I can find on t’interweb. Worth a look tho’

We also hear that the promoters are also trying to organise a performance piece which takes it’s cue from the film Network, you know “I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE“.

Rootsville, Mad as Hell. Fantastic stuff.

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