get outside, or watch the world safely from your computer screen

Birmingham Words tells us about a new online route planner for Brum- expect that this one is for people using Shanks’ Pony. (Cheers Brum Blog)

A big ol’ snake at the Nature Centre is about to make tiny snakes come out of it’s stomach, eek!, has a webcam. (via up yer Brum)

Photographer Gary Knight doesn’t like Selfridges, and calls it “another bloated and sad inner-city blemish” while photographing it for the beeb’s Britain In Pictures. The show also has a flickr based photo compo, why not flood it with pics of Brum?

The exhibition at Gas Hall at the moment is well worth a looksee. How to Improve the World, 60 Years of British Art. I popped in today – don’t forget to have a look round the back.