Battle of the sands

Beach two : Originally uploaded by bounder.

Despite the official opening, and the chance to see Mike Whitby in Bemuda shorts, being postponded due to inclement weather – Brum’s second beach opened today. In Chamberlain Sq, it does have water in the shape of the Joseph Chamberlain memorial and is slightly larger than the Bull Ring’s beach.
Two scantily clad ‘Rio Carnival’-style dancers with headdresses were enjoying the sand, along with a class of schoolkids and a metal crocodile, while the big screen played soothing seaside scenes and (really) seagulls circled over the council house.

(Is it just me, or do the rest of you whistle Vanessa Paradis’ no 6 smash -not the Taxi one- whenever you’re confronted with a bmi baby logo?)