We’ll never be lonely again

Look out for stupidly large rucksacks on escalators and staircases all round Brum – the new Lonely Planet guide – released today – gives us a decent write up:

Birmingham, Once a drab, grimy urban basket case… has spectacularly reinvented itself as a vibrant, cultural hot spot

The familiar destructive brew of WWII bombs and woeful town planning left a legacy of concrete and ring roads that will probably never fully be disguised. But, no matter: Birmingham is making the most of what its got. Established cultural and architectural gems dot the city centre and planners keep coming up with ever more innovative architectural makeovers: the striking postindustrial Bullring shopping centre is just the latest… More self-assured, cool and confident than it has been in many a year, it is hampered by only one thing – its inhabitants accent, which is consistently voted England’s least attractive.