Tell us your best Brum gig story and win a pair of Rootsville Festival Tickets

At B:iNS we like two things above all else; music, and weirdness, and Birmingham. One of our favourite Brum stories we’ve been told since we started the site as about a bloke who hit the singer out of UFO outside the Odeon on New St, and we loved hearing about how Keith Emerson (of ELP) was thwarted in his attempt to fiddle with the Town Hall organ. We’re sure that Rootsville, with its none-more eclectic line-up will bring out a few more tales.

So in order to win yourself a pair of tickets to the fab Rootsville Festival at the Custard Factory on Saturday 30th June, tell us, here in the comments, your Best Brum related gig story.

The compo will close at midnight on the Sunday 3rd June and we’ll pick our favourite story and award the winner a pair of tickets – if you haven’t got a great story, don’t worry as we’ll also pick one random entrant who’ll also get a pair of tickets.

Usual compo rules apply. Don’t forget we’ve got to contact you – check back on Monday 4th June for the results, or if you like email us with your entry too, so we know it’s you.) – or else you’ll not get one ticket – let alone a pair.

For those who don’t win, you can of course buy your tickets from The Ticketsellers: 08707 544445 (9.30am – 6.00pm mon-fri, and 11- 4pm Saturday). Or in person from Jibbering Records, Old school Daze, or Swordfish.

Here’s looking forward to the Inspirals (who we’ve got an interview with coming up.. watch this space) and a great day and night. If you see us there we may even tell you the story of sitting next to Ruby Turner throughout a UB40 gig and not recognising her, despite watching her support the band only moments before (that’s pretty much it actually).

5 comments for “Tell us your best Brum gig story and win a pair of Rootsville Festival Tickets

  1. Peter
    18 May 2007 at 6:45 pm

    I remember K Emerson fiddling with the organ – at the same ELP gig he took the ribbon controller from his Moog into the offstage area and made rude noises with it, which amused my teenage self.
    Favourite moment has to be the odd concatenation of Budgie, Uriah Heep and Sha Na Na onto the same bill. Half-arsed heavy rock and rock ‘n’ roll revivalist glam: the problems could have been forseen. Barracking between the two factions (I was on the rock ‘n’ roll side) culminated in the guitarist from Uriah Heep getting hit in the balls with an orange as he essayed a guitar solo. We wept…
    The town hall is a fount of such memories. Posing, Amen Corner style as a sax section behind the completely unaware Comus. Seeing Tony Iommi do the ‘you’re my best mate you are’ routine to Rory Gallagher. Watching Robert Plant being ejected from the stage at Derek and the Dominoes by a hilariously unaware American roadie….

  2. mark
    26 May 2007 at 9:39 am

    Saw The Fall once at the foundry, I’d done a couple of shifts on the bounce and was fast asleep before they came on. I awkoe to Mark E Smith barking “goodbye-uuh”.

    Not very good, sorry

  3. outercircle21
    2 June 2007 at 12:44 am

    I used to go to loads of gigs and weird nights at the Powerhouse (now home to Oceana on Hurst Street) in the 80s, but the most significant for me personally was a a windy night in October 1988. I was fed up with being back at Poly for my final year after a year out and was out on the piss with my mate Wendy, so we got trolleyed in the pub opposite before going to see the Waterboys at the Freshers Ball. Another mate of ours from the students union turned up with a lanky whey faced youth who we proceeded to rip into mercilessly, until our mutual friend finally admitted was in fact a Waterboy. We laid into him even more before heading over the road for happy hour. My mate is Scottish, and therefore genetically modified to tolerate alcohol even more than I am. I can’t remember much about the gig, but I do remember a tall, quiet, sandy haired gentleman who took pity on me in my tired and emotional state, made sure I got home in one piece and had a nice convenient place to throw up in. And in case you were wondering – reader, I married him.

    Please don’t print my real name cos I’ve got a proper job now.

    Luv outercircle21

  4. mrstubbs
    3 June 2007 at 9:31 pm

    I was once charged with turning the drum machine on and off for my mate’s band at The Lyndhurst. I’m not sure they’d ever had a drummer at this stage and the patterns they’d used weren’t very complicated – so I didn’t think they’d notice when I slipped off to get a pint.

    They didn’t. They were shite.

  5. bounder
    4 June 2007 at 8:12 am

    That’s it, time’s up!

    We’ll have a little think and post up the winner at some point today.

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