Nick Owen will certainly pass it round

Big ‘n’ Bostin Heritage is the interweb home of Pete Millington’s Spaghetti Gazetti – the magazine about the culture, heritage and history of the West Midlands region. It’s on issue 4 and you can download a PDF version. Poetry, features – even a wordsearch (although I couldn’t work out if that was Brum related).

The website is dreadful, at least on my Mac – but according to the magazine there are some audio clips and other stuff on there.

  • Pete

    Thanks for the mention Bounder. I hold my hands up to the criticism of the website, by complete coincidence I have someone working on it as we speak. I have many talents but sadly designing websites is someone on a par with my expertise in Olympic bob sleighing. But it’s having a go that counts.

    It would be great to meet you sometime Boundah. I feel we have much in common in terms of creative ideas. Have been a big fan of BINS for some considerable time. Incidentally, please pass on my regards to Aunty V, I often stand and watch passively from a distance as she struggles on and off public transport in the Quinton vicinity. That lady sure knows a choice phrase or two.

    Well, must fly, Nick Owen has just sent me a text asking if he be my centre fold in the next edition. He’s such a card!

  • Pete

    while I’m here… check out me photo albums at this link…

    I’m alright when I use someone else’s predesigned web tools and site, etc. It’s all you awkward buggers with Macs, that’s the problem, you’re like the old Betamax die-hards “why can’t my beta max play this effing VHS tape?”

    Only kidding. Hang on the mobile’s going…shit.. it’s that Nick Owen geezer again, the guy’s bloody stalking me now.