up yer Brum :: promoting the best of Birmingham on the web

We all love Birmingham, well at least we think that it’s not shit. And there’s a lot of great Brum stuff that you might never get to hear about – we can’t be everywhere (although we try) and some stuff might not be to our, very distinctive, tastes.

What we need is some kind of way that everyone gets the chance to promote their favourite things about Brum…

what we need is www.upyerbrum.com

You can submit a web link to upyerbrum for any story which shows Birmingham’s true greatness. If others agree their votes will push the story to the top of the pile.

Links could be a written story, a film, podcast or photo. You may have seen it on the BBC or a local newspaper site, on a blog or a school site, even written it yourself and put on the web. All that counts is that it shows something great about Birmingham.

You can get voting and submitting, or just pop along to see what’s top of Brum’s pops.

For those that get the whole web 2.0 thing it’s very much like digg – if you don’t give it a try. It’s fun!