Month: September 2006

A little horse

a little horse well loads of them actually – birmingham is host to the third annual ‘My Little Pony Convention’. and people say there’s nothing going on…

inside atv

inside atv it’s going soon, so have one last nostalgic look round the old atv building with the crossroads appreciation society. i was in the audience for TISWAS once y’know. cheers shaun!

What no beer?

what no beer? CAMRA and BBC News claim that there are no breweries in Birmingham. What about Aston Manor? home of Frosty Jack’s white cider, and ‘Balti Beer’?

a novel idea

a novel idea a book, set in birmingham? not if publishers have anything to do with it! Danny Bernardi, author of ‘Under The Rotunda’ explains the trouble he had.