Cryptic Compo

Quite a few people had a go at this fairly easy quiz-type thing, all the answers were and are areas in and around our fine city. In the end there was more than one entry that matched the answers we reckoned were right. So, drumroll please, the winner was Kirsty Walker from Solihull – who chose a green Brum’s Not Shit T-Shirt out of our shop. In joint second place were Ken Foden, Steve Thorne, Adrian Neale, Leigh Pipkin, Coleman Doyle, Emma Barton, Rebecca Myatt and Suise Humphreys who win lashings of Kudos but no actual physical prizes.

So, well done everyone, and for those that are still interested, the answers were….

e.g. Kermit’s penis Acock’s Green
1. A monarch, not sitting Kingstanding
2. Girl’s name Shirley
3. One of five, heavyweight Quinton
4. Leader of the Blackshirts Moseley
5. On the roof and angry Tile Cross
6. A number of trees Four Oaks
7. Pear drink in a pub Perry Barr
8. Frozen rain is in debt Halesowen
9. Untamed and colourful Wylde Green
10. Sounds like all the food was left Nuneaton
11. A little Prime Minister Small Heath
12. Colourful land drain Reditch
13. Entrance with colour Hall Green
14. Seasoning with a meadow Saltley
15. The cost of five fingers and a palm Handsworth
16. Fiery particle for Jack and Jill Sparkhill
17. A compass point will find this pasture Northfield
18. An ancient blackcurrant Oldbury
19. Covers the monarchs with soil Kingsbury
20. Cut a necklace into four Jewellery Quarter

& no correspondance will be entered into and that.