Month: September 2005

we’ve got a flickr group

we’ve got a flickr group flickr is last weeks interweb phenomenon, where you can share your pictures – we’ve created a BiNS group so anyone can add thier photos of our fair town. (we’ll work out what to do with…

What’s that gondolier ?

what’s that gondolier ? wasn’t looking for this on the express and star website – but it’s a nice feature about a fella who’s doing gondola rides on brum’s canals. just one cornetto, etc.

a brummie timeline

a brummie timeline shall we petition to add some more interesting dates? i can think of at least one good one for last year..

kojak loves brum – interweb exclusive!

kojak loves brum – interweb exclusive! we are now proud to present, for a limited time only, an exclusive editted short version of the film the whole of brum would be talking about – if they knew it existed! Telly…