Month: March 2004

Shakey’s will

Not not the Welsh Elvis, see what Brummie Bard might have left you – at this new government online famous people’s wills page.

Going underground

Fancy a game of snooker below the water table? Try if you will, to visit The Birmingham Anchor – an underground nuclear communications bunker, under Moor St. It’s got a snooker room.

Aren’t you glad that

Variety is back? See our new video clips, avaiable in three versions… High quality Windows for broadband Lower quality Windows for dialup QuickTime version.

Blues: Save Our Seats campaign

Blues are planning the forced relocation of some 300 loyal fans – in order to sate the corporate prawn sandwitch brigade. What are the bluenoses doing about it? See here.

Variety is Back!

With the run up to Variety is Back! (Again), Saturday 3 April @ the Pat Kav, Woodbridge Road, Moseley. We can now let you into a top secret of photojournalism –there are some photos of the last one. Frank Sidebottom…

Third in the league

Not something blues or villa can dream of at the moment, but Brum has come third in the uk shopping league”. Mind you, Dudley is sixteenth…