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  1. Arual_ab
    6 February 2012 at 5:33 pm


    Hello! We are a group of four students
    living in Wolverhampton (20
    minutes from Birmingham), and we are carrying out the Final Thesis in
    Media and Communication Studies. Our project is
    a TV Report (in English) of foreigners living in Birmingham. What we want is to contact people foreigners (not english people) that had been living  a while in
    the city and they can speak and show
    in front of the camera the most
    emblematic places and their
    lifestyle, like showing us their favourite places.

    would greatly appreciate anyone willing to participate. Of course we adapt to schedules.
    It is not hard work, and we have some
    idea of what we want to film.
    We further believe that it would be a
    good experience to meet new people and do something different. Of course there would be time to talk and explain everything inviting you to some drinks.

    People interested contact us for more

    We also appreciate if you know foreigner peolple of other
    countries interested in participate please tell us to contact them

    Thank you very much!

    hope to get some response.
    Contact: arual_ab@hotmil.com

    Laura, Roberto, Xavi and Agnès.

    Laura, Roberto, Xavi and Agnès.

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