Month: January 2004

Poety Corner

Just found this on the old interweb. A poem called Brummagen read by the Chinnmiester himself. From a nice history site.

Everybody Out

It’s deja-vu alll over again, as Land Rover workers – who must have been watching that fab Arthur Scargil programme on saturday – go on strike.

Clare Short has her knockers

The filthy tabloid press has had another go at brummie icon Clare Short. They printed an article calling her “fat and jealous” of page 3 girls. It includes a pic of Clare’s head super-imposed onto a topless model. So, my…

Malcolm Boyden

has got the sack from Radio WM. Now, I only vaguely remember him from his reports on Albion games a few years back, but Virtual Brum have a tribute page…

Brum’s a hole lot better

Birmingham city council today took a leaf out of “Culture Capital” Liverpool’s book – and bought the Beatle’s 1000 holes (previously on loan to Blackburn, Lancashire) and installed them in Spagetti Junction. Althougth the holes are rather small, they were…